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From high-quality tools that take the hassle out of gardening to clever kits, raised beds, Gro-Beds, decorative containers and more, Marshalls’ range of accessories cover everything you need for brilliant results. Make gardening as enjoyable and easy as it should be!

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Raised Beds

Attractive and made with responsibly sourced wood, raised beds are great in gardens and allotments and help those with limited mobility.


From quality spades and forks to dibbers, shears, scissors, saws, secateurs, power tools and much more, find the perfect tool to help you get those important garden jobs done in no time.

Nets & Covers

Give your crops and plants the vital protection they need from pests, insects, animals and the weather. From Growhouses to cloches, nettings and weed fabric, look after your garden in the best way.


Seeds and young plants enjoy the best start thanks to our wide range of propagating products. Pick up handy kits with a range of trays, mats and labels, plus pots, seed selections, and other helpful growing gear.

Expert Advice

February gardening jobs

February is the time where winter starts to fade and spring becomes closer.
The days start becoming longer, which is every gardener’s dream!
Temperatures can vary massively in February with the low temperatures being 0.5 ºC and the highest temperatures reaching 10 ºC.

A beginners guide to gardening

It’s so rewarding growing your own crops, with fresh and tasty produce harvested straight from your garden. But if you’re new to growing your own vegetables, you may be intimidated or unsure where to start or which crops to select.

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