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Now's the time to be planting your potatoes, onions and a range of other vegetables and flowering plants. We've a huge range for you to choose from which are available for delivery now, and we’ve taken the hard work away for you by showcasing some of our recommended products below. Whatever you’re looking for, our fantastic value, high-quality plants will be sent directly to your door in the next week and can be planted straight away.


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Onions, Shallots & Garlic

Seed Potatoes

Bare Root Roses

Strawberry Plants

Pear Trees


Ornamental Trees


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March gardening jobs


March has to be one of the busiest months of the year, but thanks to those clocks going back at the end of the month, there’s more time in the evenings to get those jobs done.

A beginners guide to gardening

It’s so rewarding growing your own crops, with fresh and tasty produce harvested straight from your garden. But if you’re new to growing your own vegetables, you may be intimidated or unsure where to start or which crops to select.

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