Get Your Garden Jubilee Ready

As the country prepares to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen, the first British Monarch to celebrate 70 years of service, it's time to get your garden fit for a Queen. The four-day Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend from Thursday 2nd June has been called a once in a generation event, and there are many ways to celebrate in style, whether it's by organising a street party or by kitting out your garden with red, white and blue to be able to sit back and enjoy the occasion.

Discover some of the ways we'll be kicking back and celebrating in style, and look out for some Jubilee-themed savings in the coming weeks!

Celebrate In Style

Planting ideas for a red, white and blue summer...

Plant up your baskets in red, white and blue to get ready for the celebrations this summer. Stunning Heliotrope 'Honey Blue' will prove a thriller for the centrepiece (and it smells lovely too), crisp white Diascia 'Diamond White' will be a great filler and trailing Geranium 'Sunflair Paula' will prove an intense spiller.

Diascia 'Diamond White'

Heliotrope 'Honey Blue'

Geranium 'Sunflair Paula'

The Queen's Favourite Flower...

Last year the Queen shared that one of her favourite flowers for springtime blooms is Lily of the Valley. Having featured in her coronation bouquet back in 1952, it's no surprise it still holds special memories and associations and is a favourite in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Convallaria majalis, or Lily of the Valley, produces beautiful white and highly scented bell flowers, returning year after year for a carpet of white in springtime.

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Platinum Jubilee Collection

Celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by creating patriotic hanging baskets full of the most beautiful blue, red and white bedding flowers. These flowers will last you all summer reminding you of all things British. But not only do you get a proud visual display, you also bring in useful pollinators like honey bees and lacewings, pollinating flower blossoms and keep garden pests down.

Planting a tree for the Queen's Jubilee...

To create a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come, the Queen's Green Canopy was started as a unique initiative to celebrate her leadership over the last 70 years. The Queen has famously planted trees throughout her reign, from a commemorative tree in Windsor Park in 1953, to a tree in Christchurch, New Zealand to mark her Silver Jubilee in 1977 and an oak in Hertfordshire for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Commemorative planting will continue through until the end of 2022, so why not get involved?

Ornamental Trees

From the fleeting beauty of a magnolia in spring, to colourful acers and eye-catching wisteria.

Patio Fruit Trees

Fill your garden with the exciting promise of a fruit tree and enjoy their delicious harvests from your own patio.

Bay Trees & Buxus

Popular evergreen shrubs with dark green foliage to really make your doorways stand out or to enhance a patio.

A Lawn Fit For A Queen

Your guide to spring lawn care

Spring is the time of the year when gardeners and their lawns finally 'spring' into action after the bleak winter months. With the warmer weather on the horizon, it's a great time to feed and condition lawns, kill moss and remove weeds.

How to get rid of moss from your lawn

With the warmer weather on the horizon and the grass starting to grow, spring is a great time to defend your lawn from the invasion of moss. Read more about how to combat moss - and stop it coming back - in our guide.

How to overseed your lawn

Lawns consist of lots of little grass plants, some of which will die each year. To keep your lawn looking thick and full, new lawn seed needs to be sown to replace the older grass or those that have died. This is what we call overseeding.

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Get Your Garden Party Ready

Garden Furniture

Upgrade your garden furniture and get set for the party of the year this June.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighten up your summer evenings spent relaxing with friends and family with outdoor lights.

Pots, Planters & Baskets

Treat yourself to some new planters to fill with your favourite plants this summertime.

Garden Tidy Essentials

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