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There are still plenty of seeds you can sow in May & June for crops in summer through to winter. To give you a helping hand we've picked out some of our favourites and guides on how to grow them.

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Sow peas in succession every couple of weeks for continuous crops all summer long

Sow your pumpkin seeds now ready for carving out this Halloween in autumn

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How To Grow Peas

Runner beans, French beans, mangetout, broad beans and sugar snap peas are some of the most popular in this family of vegetables.

Often displaying pretty flowers before they fruit, peas and beans are great to grow in any garden or allotment and by following some simple instructions, the seeds are easy to grow, maintain and harvest.

How To Grow Runner Beans

A traditional but ever-popular homegrown British crop, runner beans and French beans are a tasty treat when picked from the garden or allotment and served with a variety of dishes.

Runner beans are usually long, flat pods that can be picked over a wider period, while French beans are slimmer and judged by most to have a finer flavour. Generally, they enjoy the same growing conditions and requirements.

How To Grow Carrots

Growing carrots from seeds remains a true staple for British home-growers, who love to be rewarded with great-tasting crops, whether in traditional orange or more unusual yellow and purple varieties!

Children enjoy getting involved with growing and harvesting too, and it’s such a simple vegetable to establish and harvest in your patch or allotment. Some carrot varieties can even be grown in containers.

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