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Airplant Hanging Bauble


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Have fun with airplants, which are attractive and easy to care for. Airplants live without soil and look great displayed within a bauble. They take much of the moisture they need from the air, needing only an occasional dip in water to top them up.

Key Features

  • Easy to care for

Pack Contents: 1 x Airplant in Glass Hanging Bauble

Size: 10cm

Height: 10cm


  • Attractive and unusual house plant
  • Easy to care for
  • Doesn’t need soil
  • Displayed within a bauble

Attractive and unusual looking, airplants are easy to care for, don’t need soil and can even be displayed in baubles.

Tillandsia is an epiphyte, which in the wild attaches itself to trees and rocks, taking water and nutrients it needs from the air. Grow in bright light, but not direct sunlight, and ensure good ventilation.

Mist regularly and, when temperatures are above 12°C, dip plants into filtered or rain water two or three times a week, allowing them to dry afterwards. Airplants thrive in rooms in which the temperature does not fall below 12°C. A small amount of specialist bromeliad fertiliser can be added to the misting water. Airplants produce flowers in the right conditions but, being monocarpic, will subsequently die, leaving offsets to take their place.


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