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Amaryllis 'Celica' (Hippeastrum) - Bulb


Catalogue Code: 2100-6612

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A stunning double-flowered amaryllis with warm orange petals tipped with white. Grow flowering bulb Amaryllis ‘Celica’ indoors for superb winter colour.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 1 Amaryllis Bulb

Size: Bulb Size: 28-30cm

Height: Fully established: 60-80cm


  • Warm orange double flowers on strong stems
  • Flowers 6-8 weeks after planting
  • Indoor flowering plant
  • Superb winter colour
  • Fully established spread: 30cm

Amaryllis 'Celica' is a stunning double-flowered amaryllis with warm orange petals tipped with white on strong stems. Grow this beautiful flowering bulb indoors for superb winter colour.

How you will receive your bulbs:

Selected by our team of experts and sent from our nursery, you will receive spring-flowering bulbs in the autumn in a breathable mesh bag. This is to keep the bulbs together in a pack that is nice and airy – perfect to keep the bulbs healthy while in transit.

Can’t plant straight away?

Keep your bulbs in a cool, light, and dry place and preferably hanging on a hook so that air can get to the bulbs at all angles. Ideally, you should aim to plant your bulbs within a week of receiving them, but if this is not possible, store them in a cool, dark place until you are ready to plant them.

Planting tips and hints:

Amaryllis are tender bulbs and need to be grown indoors over winter. Plant the bulbs any time between October and January, approximately 6-8 weeks before you want them to flower.

Planting in containers:

Choose a pot only slightly bigger than the bulb. Use a mix of two parts multi-purpose compost and one part horticultural grit for good drainage. Plant the bulb in the pot so that the upper third of the bulb is above the level of the compost. Water from the top, taking care that the bulb is not left sitting in a saucer filled with water. Add a cane to support the flowerstem when it appears.

Keep the pot somewhere warm, with a constant temperature between 20-25C until the bulbs start to sprout. Once shoots appear, move the pot to a warm, bright spot and turn regularly to stop the stems bending towards the light.

Feeding and aftercare:

Once the bulbs flower, feed fortnightly with a high-potash feed like tomato feed.

When the flowers fade, cut the stem down at the base. New flowerstems may appear. After flowering finishes, keep feeding for another 6 weeks if you plan to store the bulbs for replanting the following year, then move the pots into a cool environment (between 13-15C) and leave for 10 weeks, watering very sparingly. After 10 weeks, replace the top 5cm of compost with fresh compost and put the pots somewhere warm for the bulbs to sprout again.

*Planting and flowering months below are subject to seasonal weather conditions.

Growing Calendar

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