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Asparagus Aspalim crowns x5, ideal for home-growing. New 100% male variety producing thick uniform and cylindrical spears year after year.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 5x Asparagus Crowns


  • 100% male variety for superior asparagus spears
  • Uniform spears that are easy to harvest
  • Ideal for growing in cool and temperate conditions
  • Suitable for forcing to give you white spears
  • 5 crowns delivered to you in spring, ready for planting

Grow asparagus Aspalim on your plot, a new all-male variety, ideal for home-growing in the UK. Bred to grow well in cool and temperate conditions it’s perfect for plots up and down the country. At harvest time every plant gives you smooth, thick, uniform spears for easy harvesting and preparation in the kitchen.

Aspalim is suitable for forcing if you like succulent, white asparagus spears. Simply cover your crowns with a forcing pot to keep out the light. This turns your spears white and gives them a more tender texture than green asparagus.

We suggest you leave asparagus spears to grow on and establish in the first year. This encourages your plants to put down a good set of roots. Healthy roots promote more spears to pop up in subsequent years, increasing your yields season after season.

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