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Asparagus Burgundine crowns x5, ideal for home-growing. Exciting, purple variety giving you tender spears you can eat raw, steam or sauté.

Pack Contents: 5x Asparagus Crowns


  • Perfect green and purple asparagus hybrid
  • For juicy and crunchy purple spears
  • Tender spears that you can enjoy raw
  • Versatile variety to steam or sauté in the kitchen
  • Less fibrous lignin for less stringy spears
  • 5 crowns delivered to you in spring, ready for planting

Enjoy asparagus Burgundine, a new, purple variety for home-growing, bred to produce super tender spears. Every spear contains less lignin than other asparagus varieties, for spears that are less stringy.

The spears of asparagus Burgundine are tender, sweet and palatable on harvest; you can even eat them raw. Alternatively prepare versatile Asparagus Burgundine in the kitchen. Why not steam or sautée the spears with a little butter and serve with poached eggs.

We recommend you do not harvest spears in the first year, and instead you let them establish. They will put down a good set of roots to support healthy spears for harvesting in big numbers from the second and subsequent years.

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