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Athens Round 40cm Taupe Planter


Catalogue Code: 1090-4535

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Decorative and lightweight round planter to give great container displays and container crops. Large 40cm diameter pot

Pack Contents: 1x 40cm Planter


  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Suitable for houseplants, garden plants and container crops
  • Generous 40cm diameter pot
  • Perfect for bay trees
  • Attractive pattern
  • Weatherproof and lightweight for easy transporting
  • Holds patio trees, roses and shrubs

Give your container garden display big impact with this Athens Round Taupe Planter. Made in the UK this planter has a reduced carbon footprint so is environmentally sound. The material is more lightweight and durable to UK weather conditions than true stone or terracotta so gives you peace of mind especially during periods of frost.

You receive your planter, arriving at your door with a hole-free base so you can use it to accommodate houseplants. If you want to make your planter a garden container punch holes into the base with ease to create the perfect drainage ports.

Useful tip:

We recommend that you use the planter to house crops like carrots, leafy salads and herbs. Give a favourite ornamental tree, bay tree or patio fruit tree outdoors a home with this planter. Partner with the Athens Square Taupe Planter, again 40cm wide for a matching container display of your favourite ornamental bulbs, shrubs and trees.


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