Audley Solar Border Light Duo Pack

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The Audley Border Light Duo Pack highlights your garden or outdoor space from evening and into the night. Dual action solar and battery power lasting eight hours or more.

Pack Contents: 2x Solar Powered Lights


SAVE £10 on duo pack of Audley Border Lights, to buying lights individually

Two chrome garden lights providing 10 lumens of light to highlight focal points on your plot or in your garden. The solar power panels are placed discretely on the top of the attractive chrome tower. The panels acquire power from the sun by day to charge the solar battery which gives you luminescence at night.

An additional alkaline battery for each tower gives further light should the solar power charge fall under 10%.

With additional spikes fix the towers into your flower bed or allotment where you wish to give plants additional lighting. Whether you’re entertaining outdoors or enjoying time to yourself this garden lighting enhances evening garden displays.

Use the lighting as a practical function of increasing daylight hours to daylight-sensitive plants like chrysanthemums for maximum blooming.

Also suitable for highlighting water

This Cole & Bright solar light comes with a 2-year guarantee.

  • Dual solar and battery garden light using solar power innovation and alkaline battery
  • No mains wiring needed
  • Stakes included for fixing into beds or allotments
  • With additional alkaline battery when solar battery charge is under 10%
  • Dimensions: H55cm (including stake), 9cm diameter
  • Emits 10 lumens of light
  • White LED
  • Rechargeable and alkaline batteries included
  • H 56cm x Dia. 9cm