Bat Box with Single Chamber

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Many of the bats natural homes are being destroyed meaning it is increasingly difficult for them to find new suitable homes in the wild.

Pack Contents: 1x Bat Box


  • Made with FSC wood
  • Save UK's only flying mammals
  • Encourage these feeders of garden pests

Encourage pest-eating bats to your garden and give them a safe place to roost by adding a bat box. Bats are pest controller and will consume mosquitos, moths and beetles.

Many bats' natural homes are destroyed on account of tree-felling and the removal of derelict buildings making it is increasingly difficult for bats to find new suitable homes in the wild.

Just hang the box from a tree, wall or façade in a slightly sheltered site, unaffected by direct sunlight. Use the two suspensions hooks on the back of the bat box.

This bat box has been designed with special notches in the wood which act as ladders for the bat and offer better grip so they can enter the box more easily.

Made from FSC wood.