Beginners Seed Starter Kit


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The perfect seed sowing kit for successful germination of your favourite flowers and vegetable crops.

Pack Contents: 1x Propagator, 1x Seeder & 1x Seed Start


  • Windowsill propagator, easy-sowing super-seeder and Seed Start seed booster
  • Quick germination, fast results
  • Easy to control seedling environment – turn around lid for with or without ventilation
  • Fits on an average-depth windowsill
  • No need to leave the house
  • Perfect for combating fiddly seeds

Enjoy sowing home-grown crops and flowers from seed. You get unbeatable vegetables, flowers and salad crops when you grow your own. You save costs from big numbers of productive plants and a propagator gives you a kind of greenhouse in which germinating seedling thrive.

You receive;

A Windowsill Propagator Kit:

Suits the growing needs of seeds while germinating and growing into young plants in a safe, secure growing environment.


Propagator base to house different modules and seed trays to suit

9 cell module tray

24 cell module tray

48 cell module tray

Bag of seed compost

12 capillary mats for controlled soil moisture levels

12 labels

Marker pen

Super seeder:

Air plunger to distribute seeds as you need to. Avoid fiddly seeds and picking up small seeds.

Gro-Sure Seed Start:

A solution for giving your seeds an initial boost. Just incorporate into seed compost and Gro-Sure Seed Start gives 25% better germination and establishment. With vermiculite, Zeolite and naturally beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and friendly bacteria.