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Bird Design Fire Globe Bowl

Fallen Fruit

Catalogue Code: 1090-6119

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This Bird Fire Globe is a beautifully crafted centrepiece for your outdoor space, and as the temperatures begin to drop will create a cosy atmosphere outside. The laser cut shapes of a flock of birds will produce an impressive picture once lit.

Pack Contents: 1 x fire globe

Size: 58.8 x 56.0 x64.3 cm


  • Beautiful fire globe with a rusty appearance
  • Creates a cosy atmosphere in your garden
  • Easy opening for adding more wood

Keep warm when the temperatures drop outside with this beautiful and uniquely decorated fire globe. It will be a unique addition to your outdoor space, featuring an impressive laser cut flock of birds which once lit will produce an impressive picture.

Another stunning feature of this globe is its beautiful and authentic rusty appearance which has been created by oxidising metal. Over time, rusting will increase as a result of the fire’s usage and the weather, but this only makes it more authentic in its appearance. Its beauty will not depreciate over time.

The fire globe will create a cosy atmosphere in your outdoor space, as well as being an eye-catching focus.