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Get this great value bird cleaning bundle comprising brush and disinfectant cleaner specially formulated for garden birds.

Pack Contents: 1x Cleaning Bundle


  • Save £3 on cleaning kit of both scrubbing brush and disinfectant
  • 500ml ready to use disinfectant
  • Disinfectant effective yet gentle enough to keep birds healthy
  • Long and flexible brush to clean feeders and around seed ports
  • Promotes healthy, hygienic and enjoyable bird feeding

Keep your favourite garden birds in full health and prevent your birds from contract diseases with this great-value Cleaning Bundle which consists of long-shaft flexible cleaning brush and a disinfectant specially formulated to be effective on ridding bird mess and debris while being gentle enough to keep birds healthy.

Diseases like trichomoniasis have affected greenfinches and chaffinches in recent decades, reducing their populations and making them unable to swallow properly. The occurrence of this disease is greatly reduced with a healthy and hygienic bird station. Cleaning your feeders becomes an easy and satisfying habit when it comes to bird feeding.

Look to cleaning your feeders weekly to keep them free of bird mess and debris that can harbour potential diseases.