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Blagdon Fish Aid - All in One Treatment


Catalogue Code: 1090-7105

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Rid your pond of any Bacterial, parasitic or fungal infections that can harm and kill your fish. Use fish aid to ensure that your fish remain healthy and happy.

Pack Contents: 1x 250ml Bottle


  • Treats fungal, bacterial and parasitic infection
  • Safe on all fish and pond wildlife
  • Harmless to water features and pond filters.
  • Just one 25ml cap will treat 250 gallons of Pond water

Stop your fish from falling victim to common Fungus and bacterial problems that can easily occur in any pond. Many fish are susceptible to common parasites and bacterial infections causing harm to the fish and even death. Common symptoms include fin rot and mouth rot. It can also appear as white spots that may look slimy on any part of your fish’s skin. This results in high stress levels to your fish.

Blagdon fish aid treats and prevents. Therefore you can not only use it when you spot disease to your fish, you can also use it as a preventative measure if you suspect an issue may occur. Giving you peace of mind that your fish are healthy and happy in your pond.

Fish aid is completely harmless to any type of fish in your pond and only benefits them. It is also completely harmless to water features, filters and any other form of water using wild life, so you can relax knowing you aren’t causing any harm to your ponds natural habitat.

Fish aid is a course treatment and should be treated every day at roughly the same time for 5 days. After the first treatment, it is recommended that you test your water again for any underlying water issues and this will help prevent any further breakouts of fungal, bacterial or parasite outbreaks. If necessary it is safe to re-treat your pond again after 7 days. 1 25ml of fish aid treatment will treat 250 gallons of pond water.


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