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Flora Boost is the perfect product for your pond if you are looking to feed and enhance aquatic flowers. It’s gentle on everything but algae. Meaning you can feed your flowers maintain your habitat and Kill pond algae all at the same time.

Pack Contents: 1x 250ml Bottle

Size: 250ml Treats: 2,273 Litres


  • Feed your flowers and Kill algae at the same time.
  • Give your aquatic flowers everything they need
  • Harmless to all water using wildlife
  • Harmless to Water features and filters

Flora Boost provides your plants with key chelated iron in a way that your floral plants can easily absorb resulting a wonderful spectacle of aquatic flowers in your pond. If you do suffer from algae problems then Flora Boost is the perfect solution to kill algae and feed your plants.

Blagdon Flora Boost is also has additional safety features. For example if you have a pond filter or water feature then you can be rest assured that Flora Boost won’t cause them any damage.

Flora Boost is also safe to all species of your pond fish and plants as well as external wildlife that uses your pond. That means you don’t need to worry about causing any harm or disturbance to your natural habitat.