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Blagdon Pond Barley Straw - Mini Bale Duo


Catalogue Code: 1090-2251

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Buy one get one free on these Barley straw mini bale 2 pack for effective algae control and blanketweed control for ponds. No mess and organic control. Safe for family and pets.

Pack Contents: 2x Mini Bales (Up to 2x 4500 Litres)


  • Safe for the family and pets
  • Totally organic
  • No-mess
  • No measuring

Less than £10 on natural water-clear treatment that lasts for a whole six months. Pop your barley straw bales in your pond. As the straw decomposes, the resulting by-product feeds on the nitrates that green algae rely on. The algae starve and your pond becomes clear again.

Your mini bales of barley straw are contained in a net so the straw is kept together for less mess.

2 mini bales are just right for a pond of 1000 gallons/4500 litres (9x9x2ft) for 6 months- ideal for over the spring and summer or summer and autumn.

*Buy one get one free saving compared to buying two individual packs of 1090-2249 mini bales.


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