Bottle Top Bird Feeder Kit



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The complete environmentally friendly solution to reuse plastic bottles by turning them into a bird feeder, all you need to do is add the bottle and affix the feeder kit. No tools required easy to erect.

Pack Contents: 1x Bottle Top Bird Feeder

Size: H:12.5cm x D:4.5cm


Turn old plastic bottles into bird feeders helping both the environment and wildlife. It is easy to assemble and no tools are required. You simply detach the hanger from the feeder base, make two small holes in the top and bottom of the bottle and insert your hanger. Fill the bottle with your chosen seed and hang in your garden to attract the birds and supplement their food over winter.

Easy to refill the bottle you remove the bottom plug for easy re-filling time after time. Can easily remove the feeder kit when it is time to change over your plastic bottle.

Can hang on feeding stations, tree branches, pergolas, gazebos and patios, anywhere you want to attract wildlife to your garden.

Will fit most plastic bottle types and is weather resistant.