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Watering spikes designed for use with unwanted plastic bottles. Fill a bottle with water, screw on the spike and it's ready to use. Pack of 6

Pack Contents: 6x Bottle Top Spikes


  • Get water to the roots where your plant needs it most
  • Reusable and great-value
  • Improve your crops and flowers in summer

The simple solution to get water and feed direct to the roots of your prize plants, where your ornamental plants and crops need them the most. Getting water directly to the roots is the most efficient way of watering. Watering over leaves can scorch them in summer and watering simply over the soil surface can mean water is lost to the plant through evaporation.

Watering directly to the roots is your best bet and these handy bottle top watering spikes do just that. Made from re-usable PET plastic, your spikes are hard-wearing and environmentally-minded- you can use them over and over again.

Every one of your six spike fits onto convention bottle tops with screw-cap fitting – so you are not only re-using your spike but your plastic bottles too.

We recommend you place them in containers and grow bags in hot weather when surface evaporation is at its highest – this means you get maximum moisture to the roots for optimum uptake and the best-performing plants.