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Extra Early Rudolph is a high quality broccoli that will begin to crop in September but is at its very best from November to February. Good sized, tender spears are produced on large framed plants.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 200x Broccoli Seeds

Size: Sufficient for 50ft /15m Row


  • Suitable for UK winters
  • Vitamin-packed spears
  • F1 hybrid vigour

Well-sized, tender spears are revealed on large framed plants from autumn to late winter to give you immune-boosting florets right through the colder months when you need it most.

Extra Early Rudolph is brimmimg with vitamins and is regarded by nutritionists as a superfood, high in cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

With F1 hybrid vigour Extra Early Rudolph champions in your vegetable plot and stands up to UK winters well putting on good growth rain, sleet or shine.

We recommend that you sow the seed thinly in drills and cover them over with soil, lightly firming with the head of the rake. Mark the row, labelling one end with the variety and sowing date.

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