Brussels Sprout Seeds - All Season Collection


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Sow these Brussels Sprout Seeds - All Season Collection in seed trays to shelter them from the elements. You’ll not believe the quality of these home grown beauties!

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety

Pack Contents: 3x Packets of 40 Seeds, 1x of each variety


1x Packet each of the following:

  • Brodie F1 Hybrid - An exceptionally non-bitter flavour (even sold by Waitrose as a child-friendly sprout!) Harvest the whole stalk as the sprouts keep better for longer.
  • Crispus F1 Hybrid - Brussels Sprout 'Crispus' F1 generation hybrid is a superb variety, with a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. It’s both vigorous and has an excellent standing ability. The small, tight buttons are a lovely dark green with good flavour.
  • Trafalgar F1 Hybrid - Produces heavy crops of easy-harvest firm buttons through the ideal sprouts Christmas harvest period. Good flavour which intensifies and becomes sweeter after frosts. Vigorous and tall plants withstand harsh winter weather.

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