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A beautiful and versatile mix of seeds ideal for attracting beneficial insects and pollinators to your plot, then dig in as green manure to increase soil fertility.

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  • Loved by pollinators

Pack Contents: Sufficient Seed For A 50ft / 15m Row


Bumblebee Margin Mix is a natural aid to pollination, attracting bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects to your plot. Both honey bees and bumblebees gather pollen and nectar from the flowers they visit. Unfortunately, under modern, intensive farming bees have lost both foraging and nesting areas.

Pollen and nectar plant species, once a central part of rotations, are no longer common. Bee populations have been devastated in the past few years, both by cold wet springs and disease.

To substantially improve pollination, Marshalls have created this special mix. Containing Borage, Phacelia and Essex Broad Red Clover, a row of Bumblebee Margin Mix planted in the vegetable garden can significantly improve pollination and crop yields.

Bumblebee Margin Mix can also be sown in late summer for use as a green manure. Dig into the beds as a completely natural way to increase fertility, supress weeds and add valuable humus to your soil. This variety will improve any soil types.

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