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Look forward to the big flower power of busy Lizzie Impatiens Athena Sweetheart Mixed. Every flower opens with lots of petals in white, red and pink. Sweetheart Mixed is both compact and spreads well so makes pots and hanging baskets a great show.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 48x Busy Lizzie Plug Plants

Size: 20cm / 8in

Height: 25cm / 10in


  • Busy flowers for summer-long displays
  • Rural and romantic in appearance
  • Great in sun, great in shade
  • F1 hybrid for naturally vigorous growth

Bring these beautiful busy Lizzies into your outdoor space. This mix features soft and sophisticated shades of pink, whites and rose, romantic in mood and look. The plants grow from strong and promising plug plants, producing buds every day and turning into fantastic flowers.

You receive 48 plug plants, delivered to your door special packs allowing your plants a great root and shoot environment for optimum health while they travel from our nursery to the point when they arrive to your door.

Busy Lizzie Athena Sweetheart withstands shade and rain tremendously. Perfect for our variable summers here in the UK. They cope equally well in hot, dry summer, lasting well into autumn many years.

Useful tip:

We recommend that you move your plugs on into 12cm diameter pots individually. Give them around a couple of weeks to increase a bit in size so they are ready to transfer into 30cm (12in) pots and baskets where they will turn into a free-flowering display fit to adorn any outside wall.

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