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Probably the sweetest carrot you'll ever eat. They tend to get sweeter after a few light frosts too. Harvest seven months a year. From April to May sow 1cm (1/2in) deep on a moist seed bed outdoors. After the seeds germinate thin out to 10cm (4in).

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 300x Carrot Seeds


  • Bred to be super sweet in flavour
  • 300 successful seeds in every packet
  • Harvest when frost make them even tastier

Silvano F1 is for you if you like to be harvesting sweet carrots off your own plot in the winter when other vegetables are absent. The cold weather enhances the flavour of this F1 hybrid variety bred to be vigorous, strong-growing and disease resistant. Grow directly in a bed or in a raised planter to suit your needs.

We recommend that you cover your seedlings with a horticultural fleece to protect from the damage caused by the pest carrot-fly.

How to sow:

Prepare the soil in your bed or VegTrug by raking it level and breaking up any large clumps. If you have heavy soil consider adding a good deal of sand to give the carrots a free-draining root environment they will thrive in.

Create a shallow long furrow in the soil 1cm (1/2 in) deep with the edge of a hoe or hand-hoe and sow thinly. Cover over the seed and keep the soil moist.

Once the seedlings appear keep watering and in around two weeks thin the seedlings to 10cm (4in) apart. Place over a horticultural fleece which you can water over to protect from carrot-fly.

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