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No tastier cauliflower than Romanesco Celio! Now you can enjoy the unique flavour through the summer. A very attractive vegetable.

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 25x Romanesco Seeds


  • F1 generation hybrid for vigorous plants
  • Superfood status
  • Attractive and tasty

Grow cauliflower Romanesco Celio on your own vegetable plot so you can enjoy the unique flavour of home-grown curds through the summer.

This superfood is packed full of cancer-fighting properties, vitamins, iron and other health-giving benefits. Not only is Romanesco a hit with health-conscious growers it's super attractive too with its mathematical-patterned curds.

There is nothing more heart-breaking than seeing your young plants attacked by garden pests when you put all the effort and hard-work in. Like all young brassicas we advise you to use netting or bird scarers when planting out to prevent pests helping themselves so you get to enjoy the harvests yourself.

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