Ceramic Frog & Toad House

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Frog and toad house for sheltering amphibians and other garden wildlife. Glazed and with attractive finish. H9cm x diameter 18cm

Pack Contents: 1x Ceramic Frog & Toad House

Size: Height: 9cm (3½in) x Diameter: 18cm (7in)


  • Help UK wildlife at grass roots
  • Encourage slug-eating frogs and toads into the garden
  • Frost resistant

Want a great-value, sensible and sustainable way to eradicate garden pests? Attract frogs and toads into the garden which feed on slugs, grubs and decaying organic matter daily with this ceramic Frog & Toad House.

We suggest you position this attractive green-glaze ceramic Frog & Toad Home in a sheltered part of the garden, perhaps beneath a shrub or tree or at a pond-side nearby to surrounding plants like marsh marigolds or geums.

Sturdy and weatherproof, this House is durable to UK conditions and you can move it around if you wish to re-position this shelter.

Useful tip

We recommend you position your Ceramic Frog & Toad House under a shrub or by a wall so that it is not fully exposed. This keeps frogs and toads within better protected and the ceramic less vulnerable to hard frosts.