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Sow these Chilli Pepper Seeds - Hot Mexican in individual pots to give them a great start to life. Plant out into final position when big enough and watch them yield superb crops.

Pack Contents: 50x Very Hot Pepper Seeds


  • Extra hot chillis
  • Mood-enhancing
  • Attractive compact plants for small spaces

Grow a chilli pepper that gives you heat, boosts your moods and looks great on the windowsill with glossy leaves and contrasting red fruit.

Chilli Pepper Hot Mexican has a bushy compact habit which allows you to fit a number of plants in a small space. They all produce thin 5cm (2in) very spicy hot chillies which make up in heat what they fall short of in length.

We recommend you slice the flesh and add to a salad for zing. If you dry them you can put the flakes in jars and have a supply over the winter.

50 seeds in every packet gives you the potential to grow hundreds of peppers so you get fantastic value for money.

Be warned – this variety of chilli pepper is hot so be cautious unless you’re a chilli afficionado and can take the heat.

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