Westland Citrus Potting Mix 8L x2 and FREE Droplet Feeders



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Excellent-value kit containing 2 x Westland Citrus Potting Mix 8L which have been specially formulated for superior citrus fruit trees. With three FREE Droplet Feeders.

Pack Contents: 2x 8L Bags of Mix & 3x FREE Droplet Feeders


  • Perfect for potting on citrus trees
  • Acidic compost to help root growth
  • Contains water-retaining Seramis® granules
  • Plus 3x FREE Growing Success Citrus Droplet Feeders
  • Droplet feeder feeds roots for 120 days using gravity motion

2x Westland Citrus Potting Mix 8L bags:

Westland Citrus Potting Mix is an acidic compost specially made for citrus fruit trees; including orange, lemon and lime trees. It has added loam and nutrients specially tailored for citrus trees to encourage healthy root development. With healthy roots your tree will develop a full and flowering set of fruit, leaves and stems.

To keep your citrus plant strong and healthy, it is recommended that you annually top up your citrus plants with compost. Westland Citrus Potting Mix is perfect for re-potting if your tree is outgrowing its pot, and gives the roots a welcome boost.

3x Growing Success Citrus Droplet Feeders:

Remove the lid and insert your feeder into the soil at a 45° angle.

Squeeze the cap to force a droplet out at the beginning of each month in the summer and let gravity do the rest for you. One droplet feeder feeds for up to 120 days. Use during summer when your tree is actively growing at the canopy.