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Tough garden variety you can grow easily through small trees, pergolas and over arches, with unique, two-toned, many-petalled flowers. A clematis to be proud of, this variety becomes more and more pleasing with each year.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 1x 7cm Potted Clematis Plant

Height: 2.5m / 8.5ft


Tough garden variety you can easily grow through small trees, pergolas and over arches, with unique two-toned, many-petalled flowers. You’ll be tickled pink with this clematis, as will your garden guests. Growing in any aspect, provide a trellis for its flurry of flowering stems to climb up.

Scrambling through roses, shrubs or small trees with its flowers peeping out through the foliage is a nice look but superb in all its glory, planted in flower beds next to sunny walls.

We recommend you plant in beds next to walls to cover the wall with beautiful flowers. You can expect to fit 5 plants along the side of a shed or garage which is 6 ½ ft (2m) long, spaced every 16in (40cm).

Each early-spring, simply cut all stems down to 6in (15cm) above soil level and place some well-rotted compost around the stump. This keeps your clematis plant tidy, free-flowering and healthy.

How your plants arrive

Your plant arrives to you as a young plant containing a ‘plug’ of soil with roots running through it and some small green stems and leaves.

The stems are cut back short purposely as we know this encourages lots of flowering stems to emerge so you get more flower power for your plant. Although it is a little plant they are the perfect size to get growing fast once you plant it up.

Your 1 flower plant will arrive to you in 7cm pot with a polythene bag covering the root zone. This is all contained in a plastic pack for double-protection (which acts as a mini-greenhouse) to create a good humid atmosphere for your young plant to thrive and get a really good start to produce you lovely flowers.

Your container comes in a box for extra protection when leaving our nursery to arriving at your home.

Check your plant is in the plastic container, with healthy young leaves.

Can’t plant straight away?

If you cannot plant up your perennial flower plant straight away into its permanent position make sure the plug of your plants is kept moist at all times.

You can place your plant on a saucer or tray of water so the plug is immersed at the beginning of the day. Keep an eye on it and take it out of the water once the soil is moist from absorbing the water beneath.

Keep your plant in a well-ventilated and light position in its plastic container after giving it water. Look to planting in their permanent position within 5-7 days.

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