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Coco pellets will provide your young plants and seedlings with the perfect habitat for optimal growth. Peat free and fully sustainable. Coco pellets are the perfect companion for your pots.

Pack Contents: 20x Coco Pellets


  • Perfect for young plants and seedlings
  • 100% peat free
  • A great protector for your plants
  • Simple and easy to use.

Coco pellets are a 100 & natural and peat free method to creating the ideal growing conditions for your young seedlings and plants.

Simple to use, all you have to do is add water and place at you’re choosing. Creating the perfect habitat for growing and plant development, but also renowned for preventing damage to the plant and its roots.

When soaked and expansion has took place coco pellets offer such a great habitat because of the structure that takes place. Coco pellets allow for great drainage and easy aeration of your young seedlings and root structures.

If our environment is at the forefront of your concerns then you can be rest assured that our coco pellets are 100% peat free. Meaning that they are manufactured from a completely sustainable source. This gives you peace of mind knowing that natural habitats are not being damaged in order to produce coco pellets. Coco pellets are delivered to you in a pack of 20.