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Weatherproof feeding pole and decorative hook set containing 1.65cm feeding pole, 16 inch and 8 inch wrap-around hook. With spike at the base to fix into the lawn or bed   

Pack Contents: 1x garden pole, 1x 16in hook and 1x 8in hook


  • Weatherproof metal 1.65cm feeding pole for bird feeder
  • Delivered to you in three sections that slot easily together
  • 8in and 16in wrap-around hooks for fixing to your pole

Add this tall bird-feeding pole with decorative hooks to your garden and create the perfect dining station for your favourite garden birds. No tools required- just slot the three metal sections together with your hands.

The base of your feeding pole forms a strong spike, perfect for fixing into the lawn or your flower bed.

Feeding birds from your lawn suits the flight paths of your birds and gives them optimum safety. Birds like to feed in an open space where they can use their full peripheral vision to sense danger from cats and other predators.

Your two hooks wrap around the central pole. Hang your favourite feeders from the sturdy hooks and watch birds come to feed all year round.