Courgette Seeds - Zucchini F1 Hybrid


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Sow these Courgette Seeds - Zucchini in a glasshouse before planting outdoors. With just a little care you’ll produce amazing crops of tasty, fresh and healthy produce.

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety

Pack Contents: 15x Courgette Seeds


  • Strong, fast growth
  • Weed-suppressing leaves
  • Seeds easy to handle

Courgette 'Zucchini' F1 Hybrid is a delicious courgette variety producing long dark emerald-green fruit which is ready for picking from plants as early as July.

'Zucchini' is a heavy cropper often giving you handfuls of fruit every day in the summer season. Tender fruits are best picked at about 15cm (6in)long for the best flavour.

With large leaves courgettes naturally suppress weed in the nearby area blocking out the light so weeds can't take hold. Great for the organic grower.

Enjoy sowing the seeds of courgettes- they are large, easy to handle and perfect for sufferers of arthritis. We recommend you sow seeds side-wards into the soil so water doesn't collect on the seed coat which can lead to rotting if in wet and cold conditions.

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