Dib Dab Dibber

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Many garden uses and the perfect tool to use throughout all stages of planting.

Pack Contents: 1x Multi-Purpose Dibber


  • Great to use throughout all stages of planting
  • Great-value three-in-one tool: dibber, dibblet and three-pronged harrow
  • Great for sowing and young plants
  • Made from FSC sustainable oak
  • Designed in the UK

Get hold of this versatile wooden garden tool with many uses in the garden and potting shed. It's a great tool for the potting shed and outdoors when planting out. The Dib Dab Dibber makes a great gift for the keen gardener and home-grower in your life.

Firstly make multi-furrows (rows for seeds) in one go with the three-prongs for sowing seed in trays or beds to ensure perfect rows.

Sow larger seeds like broad beans and courgette that can be buried a bit deeper with the slim dibblet on the side.

Next turn the tool 180⁰ for the broader dibber in pots, beds and borders for planting bulbs or young plants.