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DragonFli Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes - 20sqm



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Vine weevils cause serious destruction to gardens. They travel far and females lay countless eggs, resulting in larvae consuming roots and damaging plants. Banish them with Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes! These nematodes enter larvae and carry beneficial bacteria to exterminate them. One application guarantees a permanent goodbye to vine weevils.

Pack Contents: 1 x 10mil Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes - 20sqm


  • This 10mil pack can cover an area of 20sqm
  • Unopened packs can be stored in the fridge, however use right away for best results
  • Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes pose no threat to humans and wildlife

What are Vine Weevils? Vine weevils are a major concern for gardeners. These pests are nocturnal, covering long distances to feast on plant leaves and roots. Female vine weevils can lay vast numbers of eggs, giving rise to vine weevil larvae which feast on roots and eventually bring about destruction to plants. Symptoms of infestation are often mistaken as drought, with notches on the edge of leaves being a telltale sign of adult attack.

What are Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes and how can they help? Eliminate Vine weevil infestations the natural, safe way with Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes. The nematodes contain Steinernema species or Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, which enter the larvae and feed on its interior. TThe nematodes introduce a beneficial bacterium that exterminates the larvae and then reproduce, spreading new nematodes. With just one application of the Vine Weevil Killer, you can say goodbye to your Vine weevils, permanently.

When is the best time to apply the Nematodes? Apply Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes outdoors between Jan-May and again between Aug-Oct. Indoors, larvae may be present year-round due to heating - so treat when needed. Soil and compost should both be above 8℃ for best results.

In cooler weather, like spring and autumn, the Vine Weevil Killer includes a special beneficial nematode that's able to work at lower soil or compost temps. During the hotter summer months, we also provide a nematode that's more effective at higher temps.

What climate conditions do the Nematodes need? Select a damp or wet day for applying Vine Weevil Killer Nematodes. These UV-sensitive organisms won’t endure in bright sunshine, so apply them early in the morning or evening to get the best humidity levels.

How To:

  1. Empty the contents of your 10 million nematode sachet into a bucket with 5 litres of water and mix well to create a nematode solution.
  2. Combine 0.5L of the nematode concentrate with 8L of water in your watering can.
  3. Water the diluted nematode mixture over infected patches.

Keep your lawn damp for up to two weeks after applying, this will help the nematodes enter the compost to search and find the Vine weevil larvae.

Detailed instructions included with delivery. Click here for digital instruction leaflet. 

Where to apply the Nematodes? Apply these minuscule nematodes to pots, containers, raised beds, flower beds & borders for an effective solution. 


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