Eco Beacon Seed Feeder

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Earth-friendly ‘second-life’ recycled plastic feeder with a round design that offers the perfect feeding station for small flocks of birds to feed at any one time. British designed and manufactured.

Pack Contents: 1x Eco Feeder

Size: H:18cm x D:17cm


  • Caters for small flocks of pretty birds
  • Excellent upcycling idea – British made and manufactured
  • Attractive design

Add an Eco Seed Feeder to your outdoor space; it is created from recycled plastic so it is environmentally-friendly and you can re-fill with food over and over again.

Light and easy to hang from a rigid loop your Eco Feeder fits over branches or a window hook to suit you and your outdoor space. It’s easy to hang up and it’s easy to fill through a swivel-round lid which opens and closes for filling with more seed.

Suitable for sunflower hearts, chopped nuts and seed mixes this versatile feeder houses a range of your birds’ favourite treats. Plus you can keep tabs on the food levels with the see-through central casing so you never leave your feathered friends hungry.

British-designed and manufactured in the UK we’re proud to offer you a product which hasn’t travelled air miles in their thousands to get to you. Looking after the planet is at the forefront of our minds at Marshalls.

The dining base fits up to five birds at any one time; catering for small bird species such as tits, nuthatches, bullfinches and many more cute favourites.

Height 18cm (6 ½ in) Diameter 17cm (6 ½ in).