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EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii


Catalogue Code: 1090-4146

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EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii acts in water temperatures as low as 4°C to clear green water, sludge and other algae

Pack Contents: 1x Pack of 4 Tablets


  • Natural formula pond clearer
  • Harness the power of good bacteria
  • Easy to dissolve tablets

EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii cleans your pond with ease. It acts based on bacteria that gets to work in temperatures as low as 4°C, which makes use of the nitrogen and nutrients in the pond before the green-forming algae can.

Eliminate the unwanted matter such as blanket weed, algae bloom and that dreaded green water, and enjoy a much clearer and clean pond for longer without harming your fish, pets or wildlife.

The double-strength formula in the tablets contain specially selected strains of bacteria which effectively break down the organic waste in ponds.

It also targets nitrates and phosphates as well as breaks down the sticky and hard-to-remove sludge which builds up around the edge of your pond.

Results can be visible in as little as two weeks; however if your pond has heavy algae blooms then it will take around four-to-six weeks for it to take effect and may require additional doses.

One pack of 4 tablets will treat a pond roughly 5m by 4m by 1m deep (16ft by 13ft by 3ft deep), or a pond size of approx. 20,000 litres (4400 gallons) of water within it.

Please note: EcoSure Pond Clear needs oxygen to work, so we advise you turn on a pump or fountain while using the product. This way the product works to its fullest and most efficient.

For tips on How to Use, please CLICK HERE to download our PDF.

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