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Electronic Blanketweed Controller


Catalogue Code: 1090-2287

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Introduce the Electronic Blanketweed Controller to your pond to keep it clear and healthy for fish, aquatic wildlife and pond plants.

Pack Contents: 1x Blanketweed Controller


  • Durable and effective 1.6watt blanket weed control
  • Multi frequency processor to ascertain on-going success
  • Integrated mounting bracket for walls or posts
  • Flashing active frequency generation indicator light
  • 2 year guarantee commitment to quality
  • Effective on ponds up to 23000 litres (5060 gallons)

Install this electronic blanketweed controller for a continued clear pond to ensure healthy fish and aquatic wildlife. Your Blanketweed Controller rids blanketweed that blocks up pumps and filters and gets more light to the pond, more oxygen and promotes healthier pond plants like water lilies and floating oxygenators.

Your Electronic Blanketweed Controller has a unique microprocessor emitting varying radio frequencies through the Electronic Blanketweed Controller Antenna. The frequencies disrupt calcium ions in the water which causes the cells within the blanketweed to break up.

Wall- or post-mount your Electronic Blanketweed Controller to suit your pond design and it fits to an outdoor switchbox by 3 metres (10 ft) of mains cable supplied.

Your pack shows you a coloured-illustrated guide on setting up your electronic blanketweed controller to a filter/ pump and to a switchbox. The Electronic Blanketweed Controller Antenna can be attached to the hose anywhere between the pond pump and filter system to suit.

See the instructions here.


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