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The perfect seed sowing kit of your favourite flowers and vegetables. Includes propagator, potting on pots and seed care goodies.

Pack Contents: 1x Complete Growing Kit


  • Complete windowsill propagator refill kit
  • Contains seed & cutting compost, perfect for germination and seedlings
  • Pots perfect for potting on seedlings
  • Labels in different sizes for pots or modules
  • With decorative and moisture-holding seed friendly vermiculite

Propagator Component Refill Kit:

12 seed mats, 12 labels and pen – a perfect top up to our Windowsill Propagator Kit.

Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost- 10 litres:

Open-textured with balanced yet small-quantity nutrient levels, perfect for seeds, vulnerable seedlings and cuttings.

Gro-Sure Vermiculite 10 litres:

The excellent aeration and water retaining properties of Vermiculite encourage faster germination and improved seedling establishment.

Super seeder:

Air plunger to distribute seeds as you need to. Avoid fiddly seeds and picking up small seeds.

25x Black T Labels:

Perfect for seed rows, potting on pots and larger containers. 25 label collection of labels 25cm (10in).

25x Black Push-in Plant Labels:

Perfect for seed module trays these 20cm (8in) labels push in the soil and keep tabs of what you sowed and when you sowed.

7x Potting on Pots:

You’ve sown your seeds, have successful seedlings and now you need to grow the seedlings on into individual 10cm (4in) pots. This great value set of seven stackable pots is made in the UK and is fully recyclable and reusable from one season to the next.

48x Peat Free Pots:

Fibre plant pots are the perfect solution if you are looking for quick root establishment in your containers or beds.