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Garlic 'Extra Early Wight' - 2 Bulbs


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Position the pre-planting cloves of garlic Extra Early Wight in rows 20cm apart in autumn; they over-winter getting stronger and stronger so that they are ready for harvest in May, earlier than spring-planted garlic.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 2x Garlic Bulbs, Approx. 10-15 Cloves


  • Rare, whiter than white variety
  • Hardy enough for effective over-wintering
  • Generous full bulbs at harvest time

Expect up to 10 big and bulbous garlics at harvest time from this reliable hard-neck variety. With rare all-white colouring it’s attractive and the taste is crisp and fresh. Bred on the Isle of Wight it’s a reliable cropper in the UK and withstands even rough winters.

In the kitchen garlic Extra Early Wight works wonders as garlic crisps. Shallow fry or sautée the sliced garlic. The slices keep their shape well and intensify in flavour.

How to plant:

Prepare the soil by raking the area after sprinkling some pre-planting Onion, Garlic and Shallot Feed over the area. Break up the two bulbs into separate cloves. Prod your finger or thumb into the soil to a depth of around an inch and place your cloves in each hole. Space the garlic cloves 10-12cm (4- 4 1/2in) apart. Label and date the variety so you have a record of when you planted.

You can plant these in containers too but make sure the container is nice and deep (30cm+) 12+in so the bulbs have space to establish.

Water the soil each day but cease watering from around August in the last few weeks before harvest.

Useful tip:

Constant weeding is a must around your garlic plants as the garlics develop over spring and summer. Use a hand hoe in containers or larger hoe if growing garlic directly in the beds

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