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Extract of barley straw liquid for effective algae control and blanketweed control for your garden pond. 1litre bottle with easy measuring chamber.

Pack Contents: 1x 1L of Extract of Barley Straw


  • Easy-to-apply pond-clear solution
  • Residue-free natural cleaner
  • Harmless to humans,pets and wildlife

Natural solution for keeping your pond clear during the spring and summer season when algae and blanketweed blooms in the sun.

When this Extract of Barley Straw breaks down in sunlight over time it produces bacteria and enzymes which inhibit algae and blanketweed growth and keep your pond from turning green.

Natural and harmless to humans and wildlife it's a great treatment to make green or opaque ponds clear once again. Because it's an extract of barley straw you won't have straw floating on your pond as it breaks down.

See the bottle for dosage instructions.

Treats a 13 square-foot pond, 9 inches deep (around 1000 gallons).