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Feed and provide water for your favourite birds with this innovative duo of feeder and hydration station. Just add used plastic bottles and lessen the environmental impact of excess plastic.

Pack Contents: 1x Bottle Feeder & 1x Bottle Waterer


  • Feed and water your garden birds with your used plastic bottles
  • Eco-minded bird care
  • Combat the excess of plastic waste
  • Economical kit at great-value

This great-value bird-care duo is the perfect solution for you to care for your garden birds year round. You get to feed and provide water for your garden birds while putting used plastic bottles to good use.

Your kit consists on one each of:

Bottle top Bird Feeder- you receive a tray feeder that screws onto an upside down plastic bottle as well as a hook to hang over branches in your garden.

Hydration Station- you receive a tray that collects water from a filled used plastic bottle. With a mesh coat and hook this station hangs nicely over branches or a purpose-built hook.

Birds need food and water year round even in winter to keep their energy levels up and to moderate their body temperatures important in hot and cold conditions. This eco-friendly kit helps your garden birds as well as the environment at large by lessening the impact of plastic.

Please note: Plastic bottles are not included.