Fold a Frame Plant Support


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A highly versatile plant support system. A smarter alternative to support canes. It can be used as a single panel support, or clipped together to support your larger plants.

Pack Contents: 1x Plant Support


  • An elegant and versatile support frame
  • Easily supports heavier fruit and veg
  • Easy to fold out and pack down for storage

If you are fed up supporting all of your fruit and veg using canes only to watch them droop or deal with broken canes, then the fold a frame is the perfect solution to those problems.

Built from tough steel this four panel support system is perfectly suited at taking the weight of fruit and vegetables in a variety of different ways. Finished in a weather proof green the fold a frame supports your plants in a stylish manor.

Fold into a cube shape and support a plant from all angles or open up fully to a four panel support system. Or clip a number of additional supports for further support. There really isn’t any rules when it comes to plant support with the fold a frame.

Fold out in a matter of seconds. And fold down in the same amount of time for easy storage when not in use. A wonderful and practical addition to your garden or allotment.

33cm wide X 110cm high