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The Freesia will can provide you with wonderful colour both inside and outside of the home. Bringing with it a wealth of colour texture and scent. The Freesia has an excellent lifespan for cut flowers, up to 3 weeks!

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Good for cutting
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 15x Freesia Bulbs

Size: Spread: 35cm / 14in

Height: 50cm / 20in


  • Beautiful in your garden or in your house.
  • Cut flowers with a lengthy lifespan
  • Packed full of colour and beautiful scents
  • Flowering from June to August.

One of our favourites, both in looks and scent. The Freesia mixed is the ideal collection for both in the garden and also inside the home.

Freesias are known to last very well as a cut flower. So you can bring into your home an abundance of colour and fill your rooms with the delightful sweet scents.

At Marshalls we really love Freesia’s. It’s a fantastic mix that will provide you with flowers crammed full of colour variations, such as beautiful whites, rich oranges and vibrant yellows, branching off beautiful green foliage. A variation of textures and heights also add character to this plant in your garden, it creates a wonderful display of exciting visuals, bringing to life your pots, containers and vases.

Because Freesia’s originate from the other side of the world its often a misconception that they will be difficult to plant. Quite simply this is not true! If you are planting indoor in containers Plant your Freesias from around January to April. Place your Freesias in a well-drained spot, providing them with a soil rich in organic matter. To ensure that you get the best growth rate, plant around 5-8cm apart so that your bulbs have the space required to grow.

If you choose to plant outdoors in the garden, ensure that winter and spring frosts have ceased. If you have initially provided your freesias with a good soil then further feeding will not be required.

Enjoy stunning displays both inside and outside of the home.

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