French Bean Seeds Duo Pack - Cobra & Purple Cascade


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Sow these French Bean Seeds Duo Pack - Cobra & Purple Cascade in seed trays to give them a great start to life. You’ll not believe the quality of these superb crops.

Pack Contents: 150x Seeds, 100x Cobra & 50x Purple Cascade


The duo pack of French beans to give you the perfect pair of vitamin-rich and attractive, tasty beans.

We've brought together two UK-hardy varieties in a great-value collection that totals 150 seeds working out at just pennies for every fruiting plant. Because every seed is large they are easy to handle and sow.

The beauty of home-grown Cobra and Purple Cascade is the big harvests you get from beans growing among attractive leaves and that the beans plants encourage more nitrogen into the soil in a usable form for the roots.


With lovely violet flowers too, this is a vegetable beautiful enough for any flower border - making it just perfect for smaller gardens!

Pods grow up to 20cm (8in) long and are satisfyingly stringless.

Purple Cascade:

We have been eagerly waiting for this lovely bean to become available. It is a really beautiful variety with a flavour to match! The plants are high yielding and pods retain their colour after light steaming or stir-frying.

*Compared to buying individually.

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