Garden Performance Veg Seed Collection and Propagation Kit


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Specially selected vegetable seed collection to give you delicious home-grown harvests in both summer and winter including propagator.

Pack Contents: 11x Packets of Seed PLUS Windowsill Propagator


  • With Windowsill Propagator – perfect for sowing seeds indoors under the perfect conditions (see details below)
  • 11 full seed packets in this great value collection
  • Great for growing home vegetables in planters or beds
  • Enjoy harvests in summer and winter
  • Specially-selected great-performing varieties

Everything you need for producing a winter and summer vegetable patch from seed. Enjoy big crops of root vegetables like onions and carrots, leafy greens like spinach and lettuce and salad crop favourites like tomatoes. Plus many more.

Includes one packet each of:

For summer harvests:

Calabrese Komodo, French bean Delinel, Runner bean Moonlight, Lettuce Claremont, Onion Hylander, Spinach Cymbal, Sweetcorn Honeydew Improved, Tomato Montello

For winter harvests:

Carrot Resistafly, Leek Krypton, Parsnip Panorama

A Windowsill Propagator Kit

Suits the growing needs of seeds while germinating and growing into young plants in a safe, secure growing environment. Lid turns to give totally enclosed environment (good for seeds pre-germination) or environment with vents (good for seedlings).


Propagator base to house different modules and seed trays to suit, 9 cell module tray, 24 cell module tray, 48 cell module tray, Bag of seed compost, 12 capillary mats for controlled soil moisture levels, 12 labels & Marker pen.

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