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Get a duo pack of 20 hardneck garlic Extra Early Wight planting cloves and 20 softneck garlic Early Purple Wight for extra early home-grown garlics

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 4 bulbs, 2 each of Extra Early and Early Purple


  • 40 cloves on arrival – just split up the bulbs in to planting cloves
  • Save £2 on this duo pack compared to two individual packs
  • Varieties bred and perfected in the UK, to suit UK climates
  • Very early to harvest in the summer
  • Around 20 cloves of Extra Early Wight – hardneck garlic
  • Around 20 cloves of Early Purple Wight – softneck garlic
  • Ideal for planting in autumn for overwintering and harvesting earlier next summer

Get this duo pack of top autumn-planting garlic varieties. You receive around 20 planting cloves of hardneck variety Extra Early Wight in two garlic bulbs. Simply separate cloves on planting. In addition, you receive around 20 cloves of softneck variety Early Purple Wight.

In your duo pack you receive:

Garlic Extra Early Wight (20 planting cloves): Pure white garlic bulbs, smoky in flavour when fried.

Garlic Early Purple Wight (20 planting cloves): Attractive white and purple-blush bulbs at harvest time.

Softneck garlics are milder and keep for longer on storage after harvesting. Hardneck garlics are better for using straight away. They have a central bulb stem which you can remove and sauté like asparagus.

This duo is ideal if you like to plant your garlic in autumn to overwinter. This is advisable if you have good, workable soil that drains freely. Add pre-planting garlic fertiliser to the soil to give the planting cloves an initial boost.

*Compared to buying individually.


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