Garlic Spring Planting Duo (Lautrec and Picardy)


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Choose this great-value pack of two garlic varieties, Lautrec and Picardy, for the perfect home-grown flavour and texture.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 4x Garlic Bulbs, 2x of Each Variety


  • Great value duo pack – Lautrec and Picardy
  • Four big bulbs for a total of over 30 planting cloves
  • Great for flavour and adding a kick to dishes
  • Ideal for growing on UK vegetable plots

Get hold of this great-value duo collection of spring-planting Lautrec and Picardy. From February enjoy adding these quality pre-planting cloves that arrive to your door, packaged especially to keep the bulbs healthy and ready for you to plant up in your own plot. Choose to raise your garlic in beds or pots to suit you and your outdoor space.

You receive two bulbs of each variety of Lautrec and Picardy, both containing around 12-15 planting cloves from each bulb.


Garlic Lautrec Wight is a classic hardneck-variety, originally from southwest France but fondly grown in the British Isles too. The white-skinned, deep pink garlic cloves have a creamy texture and rich flavour, without becoming too smokey.


This softneck Picardy Wight garlic bulbs originally came from the province of Picardy in northern France and so is particularly suitable for growing in cooler, wetter conditions than varieties sourced from further south. Great for roasting or sautéing.

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