Great Little Weeder



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Perfect for getting between those rows that a standard hoe can't reach the Great Little Weeder is a fantastic tool great for small spaces.

Pack Contents: 1x Little Weeder


  • Hand-welded and treated stainless-steel head
  • Minimum disturbance to nearby vegetables
  • Comfortable handle height

Here’s one that was nearly forgotten-The Great Little Weeding Hoe.

This hoe gets between those rows a standard hoe can’t reach, making it ideal for smaller spaces and rows close together. At 132cm (4 1/2ft) long you will not need to get on your knees to get to those pesky weeds. The Great Little Weeder is lightweight too.

The sharp, carbon steel, 5cm (2in) wide blade will work just as hard as its bigger cousins, reducing the risk of plant damage and helping to keep your beds and borders free from weeds.