Green Ceramic Bird Bath on Pedestal

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This is a classically styled, ceramic bird bath in an elegant green that will be a great addition to any outdoor space. Watch as garden birds come flocking to use this as a site for bathing and washing their feathers.

Pack Contents: 1 x bowl and 1 x pedastol

Size: 42,0x42,0x47,0 cm


  • Classically styled
  • Great for your feathered friends
  • Features a small bird sat in the bath

Provide a vital source of water and ensure the good health of all your beautiful garden visitor with this green, ceramic birdbath on a pedestal. It is classically styled and will add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. It also features a small, decorative bird already sitting in the bath, ready to welcome any newcomers.

Fill with water and watch the birds flock to bathe and wash their feathers from any dirt or dust.