Greenhouse Gro-Bed with Summer Herb Seed Collection


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Greenhouse Gro-Bed with Summer Herb Seed Collection, this collection contains 3x Gro-Beds, and 8 packets of Herb Seeds.

Pack Contents: 3x Gro Beds 8x Seed Packs


We have put together this excellent offer so you can buy our famous Gro-Beds (x3 normally £11.95) together with 8 packets of Herb Seeds for only £12.95!

By adding only £1 to the price of Gro-Beds you will get 8 packets of Herb Seeds - SAVING £13.42!

All included herb seed varieties are quick growing, and can be sown now, giving you superb crop to enjoy in a couple of weeks!

The collection includes:

Gro-Beds x3 - The great big, collapsible Gro-Bed just needs 4 canes to slide in the special sleeves at the top for rigidity. Then fill with good loamy soil or compost and you're ready to grow. The bag has 4 strong carry handles, so it can be moved in and out of the greenhouse. It's designed to be just perfect in terms of size. At 80cm (32in) long and 54cm (21in) wide, 6 will fit neatly into a 8ft x 6ft greenhouse. Please note: canes not supplied.

Herb Mint - Garden mint is easy to grow under almost any conditions and enjoys a shady aspect, so it is an ideal herb to grow in a north facing garden wall. Mint has a tendency to take over the garden so is best planted in a pot. The whole pot can be planted in the garden if required.

Herb Coriander Calypso - This first cut and come again coriander, Calypso has a great flavour and is easy to grow.Grow it in beds and borders or in containers if space is limited.It is very slow to bolt, whch ensures you have a great continuous supply of coriander for that curry or oriental dish over a long cropping period.

Herb Lemon Balm - An easy to grow, ancient cottage garden herb with many culinary and medicinal uses. The textured, lemon scented leaves can be dried or used fresh in salads, stuffing and also for herbal tea. An essential garden choice, that's extremely good for bees.

Herb Basil Italian - A fantastic Italian basil with an intense flavour. It produces high yields of great tasting leaves.This basil is perfect for adding to salads or cooking.The seed has been pelleted to make it easier to sow, with an average 5 seeds contained in each pellet, making them perfect to plant in pots or containers on the windowsill.

Herb Thyme - Thyme is a pretty little spreading perennial herb with small scented leaves. Excellent for cooking with poultry, meat and game, and flavouring soups. Growing a useful range of herbs from seed is so easy! Grow them in the border among your flowers, in a special herb bed, or simply in pots by the back door. You can even grow some on your kitchen windowsill. They are easy to dry and even easier to freeze.

Herb Coriander Fine Leaved - Coriander is a versatile herb, the seeds are crushed and used in curries whilst the leaves are also good in Indian dishes, salads or as an interesting alternative to parsley. Pick leaves regularly if you wish to stop plants running to seed.

Herb Oregano Greek - Oregano is a widely used herb in Greek and Italian cuisine to give flavour to tomato or lamb dishes. Oregano is also used in traditional medicine for treating colds, indigestion and stomach upsets.

Herb Parsley Moss Curled Champion - Our most popular herb, and no surprise when you consider its versatility! Parsley sauce is perfect with fish, and the leaves can also be added to soups, stews, salads, and egg and cheese dishes. Vigorous and tasty with a multitude of uses!

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